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Electric Heat Pump

For consistent all-year-round heating.
Note: Our Electric Heat Pumps are ready to simply plug into the filtration system. An electrician may be required if the power supply is not adequate.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the chemistry, and temperature, and receive recommendations all from a smartphone. Now that’s nifty.

Pool Vacuum

Perfect for that quick clean. Turn it on and suck away.

Smart Controller

Automate the light timers, pump speeds, heating and spa jets all from a smartphone.


Thermal Cover

For heating and heat retention.

Debris Cover

Keep the leaves out during winter.


Ladders and Stairs

Conveniently access your plunge pool with a stainless steel pool ladder or stairs.

Side Table

The perfect addition for your drinks and nibbles. The table simply clips on the side and can be moved to any location around the pool.

Pod Seat

A single seat for yourself, two for a couple or even four for the family it’s up to you. Easily remove when not in use.
Available in 0.3m to 1.1m high.

Ready to design your pool?

Ready to design your pool?

Ready to design your pool?

If you’re ready to design the pool of your dreams or looking for an estimated price and begin the formal quoting process click the link below.